Problem has been solved and Payouts are processed

July 25, 2018, by Admin

Hi everyone, wallet access problem is now solved. As well as all pending payouts are successfully paid out.

Thank you for your continuous support.


Clixsatoshi Staff


About Pending Payments

July 24, 2018, by Admin

Hi Users,

Our server IP is blocked by wallet. So we are unable to process payments from last Friday. We contacted the support team but still didn't receive a response from their end.

Once the problem solved, we'll pay all pending payouts at once.

Sorry for the inconveince it may caused to you.


Clixsatoshi Staff

Update: Direct payment has been Enabled

July 10, 2018, by Admin

Hi Members,
From last few days, we were receiving many support requests that our members having trouble during withdrawal process.
The common issue what users facing is that "how to add their Bitcoin Wallet address in Faucethub?", "How to withdraw earning from Faucethub?" and more like that.
So to minimize this issue we implemented the Direct Payment System in our site.

What is going to happen in this update?
1) All pending withdrawals has been refused and withdraw amount is credited to users account.
2) Faucethub has been disabled.
3) Withdrawals will be paid directly to user bitcoin Wallet.

What Users have to do?
1) All users can request their requests again by following 2 steps below
2) Before making a withdraw request please change your wallet address from Faucethub to Bitcoin Wallet address.
3) If you didn't change your withdrawal address and request withdraw again with that address you didn't own, then we are not responsible for money loss.

How to Change address?
1) Logged in into your Clixsatoshi account.
2) Click on Account and select setting.
3) Change your Bitcoin Address and enter your current password.
4) Click on the submit button.
5) Then you'll receive a confirmation link in your email.
6)Click that link to verify your address change action.

We starting to pay the withdrawals requests from tomorrow evening, so users gets proper time to change their Bitcoin Wallet addresses.

If you face any further issue. Please do contact us on [email protected]

Clixsatoshi Staff

Regarding Pending Payouts

July 4, 2018, by Admin

Hi Clixsatoshi Users,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience it may cause to you regarding the absence of administration from past 2 weeks. We are out of town for some unplanned work and didn’t have the internet access there, so that’s why we are unable to take actions on your support request and withdrawal requests.

All pending payouts are already paid. And currently we are working to sort out users issues.

If you face any issue, please contact us at: [email protected]


Clixsatoshi Staff